With a movement it comes
 At first a bud and then a bloom
 Roses so big and full
 The depth the reds drown your senses
 Deep, sweet scarlet intoxication
 A blood red garden
 So thick you could swim
 An American beauty, a sin
 With inky slick movement
 The petal floats down
 So begins the decay
 All hope is lost
 What was once a marvel
 Now drips sadly in pain
 Dark, inescapable scarlet intoxication
 The passage of time is never kind
 Dried, crusty the rot sets in (or fall has come?)
 Beneath the bed you find the truth
 Although it scares you so
 The seeds of red you so try to sow
 The garden forgotten 
 To a past once lived
 A fog obscures the pleasure
 Dense and thick, but still you miss
 Pure, unadulterated Scarlet intoxication
 A mountain grows tall
 Where the seams detach
 The plates push and pull
 The garden is no more
 A mound of sand and waste
 What was once so sweet
 Now lost to time
 But it urges you still
 The push and pull 
 Of that deadly, scarlet intoxication 
Posted by:Sami Sumaria

I like to write about anything and everything.

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