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Mundanity: Coffee

Mundanity is about exploring the mundane in detail, finding life, story and inspiration.

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Personal growth is a funny thing, eliciting both positive and negative reactions from people around you, and maybe even from people you know. Growth, in its biological sense is pretty simple. Things grow, trees grow for years to become hulking wooden beings that help control the worlds atmosphere. Children grow into adolescents and eventually adults, nails grow continuously all our lives, and so does our hair, so why not apply this viewpoint of growth to personal growth.

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Creative Collaboration

Creativity usually stems from passion, inspiration and organisation coming together to form an idea that is like no other. It’s an incredible idea, a completely original piece of content. But it’s yours, nobody else can have it. You don’t want it to be stolen, do you? God forbid a collaborator takes your idea for their own. This can happen, I mean, look at massive copyright cases, stories of stolen ideas and intellectual property. Why enlist other people when there is such a risk? The answer is simple: because creative collaboration is KEY to fully realising a project.

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